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Services: Sewer Pumps

Have a septic alarm going off, septic backing up into the house or sewage overflowing from the septic tank? If you have a septic system with a pump chamber most likely there is a problem with a sewer pump control float, the sewer pump itself or a combination there of.  Give Bodwells Septic Service LLC a call and we can solve any problem that may arise with your septic pump system and have your system back up and running in no time! First things first make sure that your breaker is on for the septic pump, if you are still having a problem and the breaker is on give us a call.

Bodwell's Septic Service, LLC has trained technicians that know how to deal with septic pumps of every size and style.  Whether it's a small sump pump or a massive sewer grinder pump we have it covered.  We have the tools to get into those hard to reach areas and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.  Everything from broken pipes to failing check valves, sometimes the simple things can create big headaches down the road.  

Residential Sewage Pumps 

Residential applications involve homes with sump basins, septic holding tanks and onsite septic systems. Water/wastewater flows from the house (from showers, flushing toilets, dishwashers, etc.) into the septic tank. As the level rises in the tank, the water needs to be dispersed - to a drainfield, holding tank, control panels, alarm systems and float switches control what happens with that water/wastewater - i.e. floats controlling the pump in the tank, visual/audio alarms warning of threatening levels, and control panels dosing the liquid to the drainfield.

Residential applications include:          
Pump Chamber
Lift Stations
Sump Basins
Holding Tanks

Septic Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Pump        Septic Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Pump      Septic Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Pump     Septic Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Pump          Septic Pump, Sewage Pump, Effluent Pump

Commercial Sewage Pumps

Commercial applications involve controlling and monitoring higher volumes of non-toxic, non-hazardous water, wastewater, and grease for commercial facilities. Similar to residential control/monitoring, commercial wastewater typically exceeds residential ranges and requires larger control systems.

Commercial applications include:
Beauty Salons
Automotive Services
Shopping Malls
Cluster Communities
                  Control Panel, Alarm Float                        High Level Alarm


Bodwell's Septic Service, LLC uses top quality pumps, controls and accessories for our service and installations, we use Barnes and Liberty Pumps, SJE Rhombus and REPCO control panels and various other well known brands within the industry.  Rest assured, if it is pump or septic related, we can fix it.




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