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Septic Pumping

Best Septic Pumping

What is it?

Septic pumping is our primary service.

Our septic trucks are capable of servicing both residential and commercial customers. Septic pumping is essential to preserving the life of your system and avoiding backups, odors, or other issues. When we pump out your septic tank, we pump the entire tank, both the liquids and the solids.

We can locate and dig your septic tank 

if necessary. If you don't know where your septic tank is located ask the town for your septic plans, look at past invoices or an inspection report.

Included with the service, we also check the overall health of your system to ensure it is in good working condition and note any results on your invoice, free of charge.

How often?


Septic pumping is something that needs to be done regularly. Frequency can vary depending on the size of your tank and how much use your system gets. If you wait too long to pump your tank the solids will build up and can create major issues. Solids may go out to your leach field and cause it to fail, or you may get backups into the house because of a clog.

The best way to know how often your tank needs to be pumped is to get it serviced. We will give you a recommendation based on the condition of the system. You can also give us a call at 603-772-3494 for a recommendation.


Riser Installation

Septic Tank Riser

What is it?

Risers are round, stackable plastic rings that allow you to easily access a septic tank. They are sturdy and can even be driven over with some lawnmowers.

Risers are a green color to help blend in with the grass. There is a flat or domed cover option. They come in increments of 6" which helps them be flush with the ground level.



Many customers like having risers because it saves them time and money from needing to dig out the septic tank cover. They are also especially useful if you have a filter that needs cleaning

often, if you ever have any emergencies, or if your tank needs servicing during the winter.

Some very deep tanks require risers.


Baffle Repairs

Septic Tank Outlet Baffle

What is it?

There are two baffles on most septic tanks. The inlet baffle directs liquid flow down to the middle level of the tank. The outlet baffle prevents solids from entering the leach field and causing failure. The baffles that come with older tanks are typically made of concrete so they deteriorate over time.

When we repair your baffle, we replace it with a PVC baffle. It functions the same as the concrete baffle once did. We can also repair an existing PVC baffle. Most newer tanks come with a PVC baffle.



If you have a baffle that needs to be replaced, either because it fell off or is no longer working due to deterioration, it is best to act quickly. Waiting too long to replace your baffle may result in damage to the overall health of your system.

Because baffles are so important we check them to make sure they are working properly during every septic tank pumping, at no extra cost!

Filter Cleaning

Septic Tank Filter

What is it?

A septic tank filter is a device that goes in a PVC outlet baffle and provides extra protection for the leach field. A filter prevents solids, such as hair and other debris, from entering the leach field. This can help prolong the life of your system.


We provide services to install filters to tanks that don't already have them and replace junky or broken filters.



It is recommended to have your filter cleaned yearly or at least with every pumping so that it will continue to work properly.


If you don't clean your filter regularly, it can get clogged up and stop the septic tank effluent (liquid) from flowing into your leach field. This may cause effluent to go back up into the house, which no one wants!

Filter Cleaning

Leach Field Rejuvenation

White Knight System

What is it?

The White Knight™ Microbial Inoculator/Generator does in the septic tank what nature does in the woods! 


In nature, oxygen-using (aerobic) bacteria in the soil consume non-living organic material. This is the process nature uses to “recycle” wastes. We install the White Knight™ Microbial Inoculator/Generator in the septic tank to create an oxygen-rich environment and cultivate an extensive colony of these same soil bacteria.


The result is nearly complete consumption of the organic materials entering the septic tank. At the same time, the bacteria are carried into the leach field where they consume the organic material that has accumulated in the underlying soil. The leach field regains and/or maintains its capacity to deliver effluent to the soil for purification.



The White Knight™ Microbial Inoculator/Generator can be used to:

  • Protect leach fields from biologically failing

  • Improve the functionality of marginally operating leach fields

  • Restore the functionality of totally failed leach fields

  • Improve the quality of effluent returning to the soil and groundwater

  • Reduce the amount of nitrate moving into the environment

  • Reduce the size of a leach field required for new building construction

  • Expand the size of existing structures without expanding the leach field

The White Knight™ advantage includes:

  • An installation costs thousands of dollars less than that of a replacement leach field

  • Minimal disruption to existing landscape

  • Protection of the environment

  • Conservation of natural resources

Leach Field Rejuvenation
Other Services

Other Services

Septic Camera Inspection
  • Video camera inspections

  • Hand snake clogged lines

  • Install new handles on septic tank covers

  • Ability to find a septic system with a locator

  • Service call to check clogs, odors, or other issues

  • Minor repairs on septic pumps

  • Visual septic tank inspection during each pumping

  • Distribution Box replacements and installations

  • Pump grease tanks for commercial or residential customers



We provide a variety of discounts. Here are just a few:

  • Group discounts (call in with at least one neighbor)

  • Community discounts

  • Customer loyalty discounts

  • Frequent pumping (ex: leach field is failed and need tank pumped monthly)


"I’m very grateful for your awesome service - you don’t see that much anymore unfortunately - your company is top notch!"

Amy W.

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